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Treaties and War

By Arke on 7/17/2016 10:47:22 PM in Game Update

There's an early cut of the alliance treaties and war feature up. Right now there are three treaty types: alliance, peace, and custom. Custom obviously has no in-game affect. Alliance treaties tell everyone that the two allies are friends. Each alliance will receive a notification if one of its allies is attacked by another alliance. Peace treaties are available to end alliance wars. In the future they will also facilitate reparations. An alliance can now declare war on another alliance. It gives a central place to view all the member wars in the larger alliance war and view total losses. There is no alliance-controlled military in the new war feature, it's still all member based. Creating a treaty, canceling a treaty, responding to a treaty, and declaring war can be voted upon by your members if you allow it. In the case of responding to a treaty through a vote, you must refer the treaty to a vote when it is received. If a member attacks someone whose alliance has a peace or alliance treaty with the member's own alliance, both members will receive a notification. No action is taken by the game though. Several new permissions were added to alliance offices to facilitate all this. As before, you need to manually add them to any office you want to have that permission, including your original leader office.

Minor Additions

By Arke on 7/17/2016 1:29:09 AM in Game Update

You can now click on the happiness and growth detail to get more information without having to hover. You can also change your user and alliance name. A history of the previous names is available on the display page.

Planets and Map

By Arke on 7/13/2016 11:05:15 PM in Game Update

As you may have seen, the region system has changed slightly. There is now a map that all of your planets are on. You can pan around and see everyone. How far away someone is determines how long it takes for a fleet to deploy there. You can also now capture planets that no one owns if you have a strong enough fleet present and you can abandon your own planets if you want. Nations are now cultures. Alliances can pick a culture regardless of what planets they control on the map. Planets have a preferred culture and you get a happiness bonus or penalty depending on whether or not your alliance culture matches it. Alliances will eventually be able to hold planets in their own right and have an alliance military they can deploy. Having a happiness above 80 will give you a slightly growth boost. A happiness below 10 will give a small chance of rebelling every day. You'll be notified if your planet rebels.

Ease of Use Updates

By Arke on 7/12/2016 12:58:00 AM in Game Update

First, if no office in an alliance has the edit office permissions permission or no active members hold an office that does and there is not an active member in an office with the add office holder permission, a new office with the edit office permissions permission is created automatically at the daily update. Even if an alliance does not allow users to vote, they can vote to add a holder to that office to replace inactive leaders. Also for alliances, if you are in an alliance you can now view the permissions an office holds on its display page. The map now has a proper background and a lot more regions and nations to work with. Negative issues now affect happiness half as much as they did before. There is now a lot more data displayed for the new buildings and resources. When buying units, you can see the weight of that unit and the total weight available left for that fleet. When viewing your production, you can view how much ore is taken for producing composites, weapons, and luxuries if you over the ore consumption field. When viewing a fleet, you can see how much it consumes in food every turn, fuel when attacking and deploying, and the total base weight. Those numbers are broken out per unit as well. Same thing for planets: you can view the fuel and employment numbers for each building, the total food consumption, the current growth rate, the production and consumption for that planet, and what makes up the growth rate and happiness rate when you hover over those numbers. Note that all data on the fleet and planet pages are for 1x multiplier, not whatever your current multiplier may be.

Alliance Votes

By Arke on 7/11/2016 1:10:21 AM in Game Update

You can now create votes within your alliance for setting the tax rate, join policy, and charter; adding or removing office holders; and a custom vote that doesn't do anything in-game. Votes last for a week and are either yes or no. So for adding an office holder, you'll pick the office and enter the user id of the user you want to be made an office holder. If he gets more than half the votes, he is added. If not, he doesn't get added. You cannot have a multiway holder vote within one vote. By default, members cannot call a vote. Only an office holder with the call vote permission can. As always, when new office permissions are added, you have to manually add them to whichever office you desire. You can allow members to create the above vote types on the alliance and office details pages. You can change your vote at any point until the voting ends. Voting is private so who voted for what is not available publically. Regular members can only create one vote per week. That limit does not apply to office holders with the call vote permission.


By Arke on 7/10/2016 9:15:05 PM in Game Update

You may have already noticed the link along the left, but regions are live today. Regions are areas on a map that alliances can deploy to and try and capture. Each region has a different bonus (and sometimes a cost as well) that the holding alliance receives in its treasury every day which it can distribute through aid. The more infantry you have, the more of that bonus you receive. If you have no infantry deployed, you get no bonus. If the alliance treasury doesn't have enough of the cost resource, it won't receive the bonuses. The cost resources are scaled based on how much of the bonus you actually produce. Once you deploy troops to a region you can't get them back. Tech is taken into account when you deploy, which is why it's displayed as strength instead of count. The deployed units slowly decay every day as well. They also require food from the alliance treasury. If you don't have enough food, they start to die. If your alliance already holds the region you're deploying to, you'll reinforce it. Otherwise you'll try and capture it. You can wear down the enemy strength in the region until you win. Alliances may hold multiple regions, though the more they hold the easier it is for someone with less regions to capture one of the bigger alliance's. Regions are technically controlled through nations which are predetermined plot entities. When an alliance first captures a region on the map, they are assigned a nation. If the region they have captured is the last region of a nation and also its home region, then the alliance becomes that nation. Otherwise, the alliance is assigned another nation at random. An alliance can change its assigned nation at any time to any nation that currently holds no regions (there will be as many nations as regions on the map). The home region of a nation has increased production when it is controlled by that nation, so it makes sense for alliances to try and capture the home region of the nation they control. While not fully implemented yet due to the lack of NPCs, nations have an NPC alliance initially controlling it. Once an alliance captures the nation from that NPC alliance, the NPC alliance will keep trying to get it back and reestablish control. There is only one region available right now, but more will be added in the coming days. The map is also of a planet, that will change to space in the coming days as well. Lastly, you'll notice faction is now a property of nations and not users. There will be more details on that soon. The rest of the final icons will be coming soon too.

Minor Additions

By Arke on 7/10/2016 5:47:07 PM in Game Update

A few minor additions today:

  • You can delete your account from the settings page. Same rules as the automatic inactive deletion apply.
  • You can now kill your population on a planet, but take a happiness penalty.
  • You can transfer population between your planets.
  • You can transfer units between fleets at the same planet or in dark space.
  • Population can now be transferred in aid requests and market offers.
  • You can now trash resources from the production page if you're near your market cap. You cannot get them back once trashed.

New Feature Tips

By Arke on 7/6/2016 12:31:19 PM in Game Update

You'll want to make sure the happiness of your planets is going up. You can see it on the planet display page: "Happiness: 95 (+2)". Monuments and your military stationed on that planet increase happiness. The base happiness increase starts at +25 and drops to 0 as a player grows. Militia are a good way to soak up excess unemployed people. Too many unemployed people bring your happiness down. You may also need to find tune the ratio in which your factories produce composites, weapons, and luxuries. You can do so from the link on the production page.

Buildings and Resources Release

By Arke on 7/6/2016 1:04:10 AM in Game Update

The new buildings and resources have been added. All of your existing stuff has been converted over. It was done automatically. If you feel something about your empire isn't quite balanced right after the conversion, for instance you have way too few farms, let me know. I'll take a look at it and see what we can do. Overall everything should be pretty balanced but we will adjust as we go if needed. See the previous news posts for an explanation on what all the new things do. We'll be updating the tutorial and the rest of the icons shortly. Note that all history has unfortunately had the existing building and resource counts set to zero. I have a backup of the old history with the old values. If you would like a copy let me know and I'll get one you all of your prior history in a csv. There are a few other additions. There is a new militia unit that is much weaker than infantry, but has no weapon cost. Alliances can now set a tax rate that will take a portion of your net income every collection. Alliances can spend this on the new aid request that exist for alliances. More spend options will be available in the future. You can also donate some resources to your alliance and fill aid requests from other members. Aid, market requests, and alliance donations, all count towards your market transport limit. The weights are a bit low right now, they'll be adjusted as we go forward. Also population cannot be bought or sold on the market or requested in aid requests for now. It will be added soon. As will sending population between planets. Lots more new features and UI polish particularly for the new buildings and resources still to come. There's a lot more data I want to expose. I hope you enjoy the new buildings and resources.

Buildings and Resources Testing

By Arke on 7/4/2016 7:25:45 PM in Game Update

The new buildings and resources are in a state where they're finally testable. Feel free to signup (don't worry about email verification) and take a look here. The collection multiplier is permanently set to 1 for testing so you can grow and get a feel for things quickly. Let me know what you think and if you find any issues. There's still a lot of final polish work to do: new icons, updated tutorial, descriptions, and a ton more details everywhere (what's current affecting happiness, how much a given planet produces, how much ore each factory needs, and so on).

New Buildings and Resources Update

By Arke on 7/1/2016 12:02:58 PM in Game Update

I'm in the process of adding the new buildings and resources that were talked about in a previous news post. As of right now, the ones I settled on are:


  • Farms that produce food
  • Mines that produce ore
  • Refineries that produce fuel
  • Factories that consume ore and produce weapons, composites, or luxuries
  • Infrastructure that increase max population before unhappy penalty
  • Labs that produce tech
  • Bases that increase maximum fleet size and provide active defense
  • Markets that increase maximum stored resources and increase trade capacity
  • Monuments that increases happiness, morale, and factional loyalty


  • Food is consumed by your population
  • Ore is used by factories to make more resources
  • Fuel is used to take military actions (move and attack)
  • Weapons are used to make units
  • Composites are used to make more buildings
  • Luxuries are consumed by higher level populations
  • Fissiles are used for nukes
  • Tech makes everything better
  • Population works in buildings and is taken units

All of the above nine resources can be bought and sold on the market. At a later date, you will be able to buy and sell whole planets and fleets too. As before, the above resoruces and buildings replace the existing ones. Your existing counts will be converted. More units are coming at a later date.

Eras and upgrades are also being removed in favor of "tech" which is produced by labs. The more tech you have, the more efficient all of your stuff is. More ore production and stronger units for example. Your current era and upgrade count will be converted over to tech.

Happiness will be a property of populations on planets. Unhappy populations produce less, may riot, and make occupations easier. Too many or too few jobs, not enough food or luxuries, not enough infrastructure, too many wars, occupying forces, and more make populations unhappy. Population growth will be around a few percent, but is also a function of happiness.

Similarly, fleets now have morale and experience. Morale goes up when they win, down when they lose and is influenced by the happiness on your planets. Experience is gained from every battle and makes the fleet stronger as it gains more experience.

In general I am trying to get rid of hard caps. For example, your population will grow regardless of how much infrastructure you have. If your population grows too much beyond what your infrastructure count can support, happiness will suffer. They will eventually riot and many may die if not corrected. I am also planning to reduce the scale of buildings. Instead of buying thousands each turn you will only buy tens.

Planets and Fleets Round 2

By Arke on 6/27/2016 12:22:19 AM in Game Update

Downloading history is now broken out by planet and fleet. There is a dedicated display page for fleets and planets that shows various details -- including upkeep costs and production for that specific item. When buying units or infra, the max you can buy now takes into account the planet or fleet you are on and the current count is displayed just like before. You can now set the name, description, and flag of fleets and planets (names must be globally unique). Fleets can now be deployed outside of war to your planet or any other planet from the fleet page. Of course, if you deploy to some random planet you're not at war with, it may be seen as an act of war. The owner of the planet is notified of the deployment and can see all deployed fleets on the war list page. You can also deploy a fleet to dark space which makes it safe from attack, though it can't attack anyone either. Deployments are no longer instantaneous either. They now take 12 hours. The deploy target sees the fleet before it arrives. You can change the deploy target before you arrive, though it will reset the 12 hour counter. You do not need titans to deploy fleets to your own planets, but you do if you want to deploy to dark space or someone else's planet. When you recall a fleet from war, it goes to dark space. Military infrastructure now determines the maximum size a fleet may be. The one fleet per planet per user restriction still exists, though it will be lifted soon. While you can deploy to your allies' worlds, you cannot help defend yet. Both of these restrictions need a lot of rework in war. They're high on my priority list.

Planets and Fleets

By Arke on 6/26/2016 4:22:31 AM in Game Update

I've added the basics of multiple planets and fleets. All of your current infrastructure and units have been moved to a new planet and fleet respectively. Population is local to a planet while resources are usable by all of your planets instantly. The same caps to infra and population apply, though now they are per-planet. You can create new planets and fleets from the infra and units pages. You get one planet and two fleets per era. When you buy units and infra, you specify which planet you want them to go to. Units can only be bought for fleets that are deployed to one of your planets. War has changed to deploy fleets to a player's planet instead of units. A fleet can only deploy once every six hours. The size of the fleet that you can deploy is limited by your military infrastructure count. Currently only one fleet per player can be deployed to a planet at a time, but that restriction will be lifted shortly. Capturing of planets and a revamped occupation mechanic will be added soon. Deployment is currently instant like before but it will take time soon. The UI is still very rough and there are a lot of improvements to come in that area. Separate fleet and planet pages, easier buying of units and infra, dedicated view pages, descriptions, deployment and recall outside of war, breakdown of income and expenses by planet and fleet, and so on. Buying and selling units and infra on the market was removed. Planets and fleets will be tradable there soon. There will be more resources added in the future with the coming discussed building changes. Other changes coming soon: Happiness and experience will be added to planets and fleets. History will be recorded for each separately. Allies will be able to deploy to your planets and help you defend. Upgrades and era are still global, though they may change to per-planet. Planets may need some sort of intel to discover and attack.

War History

By Arke on 6/13/2016 7:20:25 PM in Game Update

You can now download the history for a war you are involved in from the war display page. It includes battles and deployments.

Content Deletion

By Arke on 6/13/2016 12:18:34 AM in Game Update

A few changes to how alliances and users are deleted: When every member of an alliance is inactive, the alliance is automatically disbanded. Anyone who was ever a member of the alliance can later recreate the alliance from the alliance display page. If alliance only has member history for the founder, the alliance itself will be permanently deleted. Users are now deleted in stages. If a user still has in-game content left such as a war or market offers, they are soft-deleted. Their account is reset but they may login later to continue playing. Any game content of that user that is with another inactive user or a game account is deleted. Once a user has no game content left, they are deleted. The timeline for user deletion remains the same: eight weeks.

Ending Wars

By Arke on 6/11/2016 2:47:36 AM in Game Update

Wars that have seen no activity in 28 days are now automatically ended.

Old Alliances

By Arke on 6/10/2016 11:55:57 AM in Game Update

Disbanded alliances now show up on the alliances page.


By Arke on 6/10/2016 12:42:17 AM in Game Update

Inactive users will now be deleted automatically starting at eight weeks of inactivity. Messages from the deleted user and other related content will show "User Deleted".

Minor Alliance and Market Changes

By Arke on 6/9/2016 1:11:04 AM in Game Update

- Alliances with no members or all inactive members are now disbanded automatically. - There is now a previous member list on the alliance page. - There is now a buy max button on the market accept page.

Message Replies

By Arke on 6/8/2016 1:12:08 AM in Game Update

You can now reply to a message inline on the conversation view page.

Minor Updates

By Arke on 6/7/2016 12:56:24 AM in Game Update

A few small things today: - Announcements can now be deleted and individually viewed - Notification and new message emails now include the notification and message themselves - The calculated display on the market accept page is now centered

Big Game Changes

By Arke on 4/18/2016 1:45:26 PM in Game Update

I'm starting work on a pretty big overhaul of infrastructure, it's outlined below. Let me know on the forums, IRC, or PM what you think about it. Nothing is set in stone yet, so things can be added or removed from the below. The five infrastructure types are being replaced with the below. Your existing infrastructure will be converted into equivalent levels of the new types.

  • Farms that produce food
  • Mines that produce ore
  • Refineries that produce fuel
  • Factories that consume ore and produce weapons, building materials, or luxury goods
  • Civil Services that house population
  • Research Labs that contribute towards unlocking the next era
  • Military Installations that increase maximum military size

The existing money and build credit resources are being replace as well. As with buildings, your existing stockpiles will be converted.

  • Food is consumed by your population
  • Ore is used by factories to make more resources
  • Fuel is used to take military actions (move and attack)
  • Weapons are used to make units
  • Building Materials are used to make more buildings
  • Luxury Goods are consumed by higher level populations
  • Anti Matter is used for AMW weapons

The big difference in resources is that build capacity/credits are gone. If you have enough of the building materials or weapons for the infrastructure or unit, you can buy it. Resources are also tiered: weapons and building materials are only produced by factories that consume ore (ignoring the market). Factories can produce luxury goods from ore, but in limited quantities. You will likely have to go to the market for them. If you don't have enough ore to support all of your factories, their production will be decreased. You will control how many of your factories produce building materials, weapons, and luxury goods.

Your population now consumes food every turn. If you don't have enough, they will start to die and get unhappy. Unhappy populations may eventually riot or leave your empire. As before, population is taken when you create military units. Now they are also used in your buildings as employees. If you don't have enough population to meet your buildings' demand, some of them will be idle.

As expected, this affects the market too. You'll no longer be able to buy or sell units and infra on the market. Instead, it'll only accept offers using the six above discussed resources plus population. Eventually alliances will be able to maintain stockpiles of these resources.

These are some pretty big changes, but I think they will make the game more fun and interesting. They also fit well with the future planned features of multiple planets and armies per player (which will be tradable on the market).

Game Market Offers

By Arke on 4/17/2016 1:07:06 PM in Game Update

Some game market offers will now limit how much a single player can accept from that offer per day. This is reflected in the max you can buy field.

Alliance Offices

By Arke on 4/17/2016 2:02:47 AM in Game Update

I added offices to alliances. You can customize the name, description, and flag of the office. Same rules on alliance flag, description, and name apply to offices as well. Each office can be held by multiple alliance members and can have any number of permissions (including none). Right now permissions are limited to announcements, member management, office management, and editing alliance details. More permissions will be added with time as more features are added (like alliance treasuries and improvements). Alliance holders can resign at any time. They can also hold multiple offices with potentially different permissions. Their effective permissions will be the union of all of their offices. Managing and viewing alliances has been reorganized some too. There are now separate pages for kicking and accepting members. The leader is no longer shown by default on the alliance list since any number of users can hold the equivalent of a leadership office. Notifications will be sent on membership application and being added or removed from an office on top of the existing notifications. When an alliance is created, the founder is put in a "Leader" office that has all permissions. Be aware that there is no restriction on resigning your office or leaving the alliance. It is possible for an alliance to have no one occupying any of its offices or for its offices to remove their ability to set permissions or create other offices. At a later date I will be adding the ability for members to take control of the alliance if all offices are empty or lack effective permissions along with a voting system for various things like office membership.

Email Notifications

By Arke on 4/15/2016 1:28:46 AM in Game Update

There is now an option under settings to be emailed when you receive a new message or receive a notification. News posts will not send an email regardless of the option. Fine grained control over which notifications send an email will be added later.


By Arke on 4/14/2016 12:12:21 AM in Game Update

You can now favorite a user from their profile page. You can see the list of your favorites from the "Favorites" page.

Email Verification Enforcement

By Arke on 4/11/2016 2:20:15 PM in Game Update

Accounts that have not yet confirmed their email will be prevented from logging in until they do so starting at 6PM EST April 12th.

Accout Additions

By Arke on 4/10/2016 10:02:08 PM in Game Update

I added a few new features with regards to account management: - Changing your password is now done on a separate page linked on the Settings page - You can now reset your password from the login screen if you forgot it. You'll receive an email with a link to reset it so be sure your email address is correct. - Remember Me will now actually keep you logged in and not just auto-fill your email address. Relatedly, you will no longer be logged out when I push an update to the server. - If you enter invalid credentials more than three times in a row, you will be locked out for an hour.

Minor Addition

By Arke on 4/10/2016 6:16:27 PM in Game Update

You can now delete individual message threads when viewing that thread. It'll reappear though if someone in that thread adds a new message to it.

Time Zones

By Arke on 4/5/2016 11:46:17 PM in Game Update

You can now set your time zone on the settings page.

Collection Multiplier

By Arke on 3/28/2016 1:48:47 PM in Game Update

Just a small change: you can now collect whenever your collection multiplier is greater than 0.1.

History Recording

By Arke on 3/27/2016 12:02:38 AM in Game Update

Instead of recording player and alliance history when the player and alliance leader respectively collect, history is recorded at midnight UTC for everyone. However, when you collect, a new record of what you made in that collection is made. You can find that on the History page as well.

Email Verification Added (no market changes)

By Arke on 3/26/2016 2:43:16 AM in Game Update

I added email verification for new registrations and email changes under settings. You'll be reminded to verify if you haven't when you log in, with a link to resend the verification email if needed. All existing users will be in an unverified state, so be sure to click the resend button to send a verification message to your email address so you can verify. Any existing accounts that do not verify will be disabled and eventually deleted starting no earlier than 6PM EST on April 3rd.

Still More Market

By Arke on 3/23/2016 12:20:09 PM in Game Update

There have been a few more changes to the market. The fields have more descriptive text and a friendly message is displayed as you enter your offer creation or acceptance that give you more details about the exact numbers. The numbers in the tables and on the accept page are now automatically scaled to your level of advanced, so you no longer need to convert anything. The numbers you see anywhere are exactly what you get. You can also find out some advanced details about the market on the data page (linked on the main market page). Min, Average, and Max prices of each resource in terms of each other resource over the past day are shown if available. The volume of resources trade over the past day are also available. These will eventually be available for export for historical tracking. There is also now a separate Create Buy Offer page. It creates the exact same offer as the regular page, it just asks for the data differently so it is easier to reason about when you're trying to buy something (like if you want to buy Industry in exchange for Money). Lastly, just a reminder to make sure your email address is correct. Email verification will be required shortly.

More Market

By Arke on 3/21/2016 1:33:31 PM in Game Update

I added back the ability to specify the total amount you are seeking when creating an offer in addition to the price per each. The total price for the entire offer is also now listed. So you can say I want 1,000 fighters in exchange for 50 industry or I am selling 50 industry for 20 fighters each. You can still allow or disallow partial acceptance for each. The values on the list and acceptance pages still show in price per each, though the acceptance page now also automatically calculates the total price for you.

Quick Market Note

By Arke on 3/21/2016 1:32:26 AM in Game Update

You'll probably discover eventually that the market will say something like "You will buy 2 Money for a total of 0.005 Industry." Obviously you can't have 0.005 industry. In the old system, that number would be truncated to 0. If we did that with the new partial offer system, users could continually accept the offer for 2 Money and get the 2 Money but not lose any infrastructure. To fix this, the game will save any partial infrastructure, unit, population, or anti-matter purchase or sale. As soon as the saved amount exceeds at least one whole item, you'll get that item. In the case of sales, you will lose the item immediately, but get a pending balance for the difference. For example, assuming no upgrades, in the above scenario: The buyer will, immediately, receive 2 Money, lose 1 Industry, and have a pending Industry balance of 0.995. The seller will, immediately, lose 2 Money and have a pending Industry balance of 0.005. As soon as the buyer gets another 0.005 Industry from some other sale, he will then get another whole Industry.

Market Changes

By Arke on 3/20/2016 10:54:49 PM in Game Update

I just updated a lot on how the market functions. All existing offers were cancelled and all old offer data is backed up, but will likely not be copied over due to the scale of changes. As for what's new: when creating an offer, you now specify what resource you want to sell, the amount of that resource you want to sell, and the cost of one of those resources. As before, the resources must be different and you can propose offers to a specific user or keep it exclusive to your alliance. By default, all offers allow partial acceptance. When partial acceptance is allowed, users can specify how much they want to buy up to your specified total offered. If you do not specify a total offered, the offer goes on forever. As long as you have the resources available that the user wants to buy, the deal goes through. Additionally, the deal will not be cancelled when a user accepts it. It remains open for other users to accept forever. This can be used to create a "store" without you having to recreate the offer every time. You do not have to have the resources on hand when you create the offer nor do you have to have space available for them (infra caps), though these conditions must be met when someone tries to accept the offer. You may also set the price to be zero. This means you're giving away the offered resource. If you don't specify a total offered, users can take as much of that resource as you have available for free until you cancel the offer. This is useful for alliances who want to offer aid to their members. The efficiency mechanism was also removed and the maximum amount of resources you can transfer is changed. Transportation now works such that you can transfer X resources per day. More trans infra means more resources transferred per day. This works by summing the resources traded in the past 24 hours. Each resource has a different weight so some cost more to transfer than others. This limit only applies to the buyer though. The seller can sell as much as he wants to anyone with no limit (imagine this like the buyer coming to pick stuff up). A key thing to keep in mind is that the buyer pays the resource weight cost for the price he pays and the resources he receives. So if he buys 2 infantry for $1 each with infantry having a weight of 20 and money a weight of 1, that'll require transportation capacity of 2 * (20 + 1) = 42. This limit is global so you are now allowed to trade with the same person as often as you want as long as you stay below the limit for the past 24 hours. Lastly, prices on the list page are still displayed with all upgrades and bonuses removed. So if your infantry efficiency is 200% and you offer 2 infantry, 4 infantry will show up on the list page. The acceptance page will adjust the numbers for the user accepting the offer, though.

Email Verification

By Arke on 3/18/2016 2:55:59 PM in Game Update

We will be adding email verification in the coming days. After registering, you'll have a week to verify your account. For existing accounts, you'll have a week to verify your email once I make the change. Make sure your email is correct under Settings to prevent any issues once it's rolled out. If you have the wrong email set and you do not verify within the week, you may lose access to your account.

Improved Tables

By Arke on 3/18/2016 1:22:22 AM in Game Update

I added quite a bit to tables today. Many more columns are properly sortable now. When sorting or paging a table, you will be automatically scrolled down to the table when the page loads. Sorting a table will also now only sort that table instead of every table on the page. There is also now a global filter option for every table. Every column that can be sorted can be filtered. There are several pre-defined operations such as greater than or contains. Not every operation works for every column, for example, greater than will not work on columns like Character Name and contains will not work on Era. You can find the filter option at the top of every table, just click Show Filter. The first box is the column to filter on. The next is the operation. Last, is the value to filter based on. It wasn't added today, but I will also be adding "then by" sorting so you can sort by Alliance and then Era or Era and then Strength, for example. I'll also be looking into allowing you to sort and filter tables on pages with multiple tables without losing the sorting and filtering you may have applied to other tables on the page.

Game Speed Balancing

By Arke on 3/13/2016 7:21:23 PM in Game Update

In an effort to get rid of the long wait once you max out infra and upgrades to the next era, I've rebalanced some of the numbers. Costs and production should remain about the same, though higher eras will see infra costs go up a bit faster. Eras now have a greatly expanded infra cap, but also require more infra and upgrades to unlock. However, they also require less money to unlock. Once you have enough infra and upgrades, you should be able to save up for the next era within a week if you have a moderately sized military force. Lastly, upgrades are slightly cheaper and weaker, but you can build an additional two per type per era now.

Minor Updates

By Arke on 11/30/2015 2:11:06 PM in Game Update

The number of attacks you get in war has been reduced to two every six hours (previously you had two every four, though a bug gave you three). Occupation income was also reduced somewhat. The tendency to always lose one unit and infra of each type should be fixed as well. Market offers can no longer cause to exceed your infra cap for the era and there is now a confirmation screen before accepting. Lastly, you may now mark all messages as read on the message page.

War and Growth

By Arke on 11/23/2015 12:11:43 AM in Game Update

Action points have been removed. Now, you can attack the same person no more than twice every four hours regardless of collections. Deployments do not cost any attacks. The costs for upgrades and eras, income, and population capacity of civil services have all been adjusted to slow growth down some.

Improved Market

By Arke on 11/8/2015 3:58:24 PM in Game Update

Some more market improvements were made last night. When making an offer, you can now set it to be exclusive to your alliance so that only alliance members can view and accept it. You can also now filter the shown offers by the resource type offered or sought and the price per each is shown as well. You can also propose a market trade to a specific player that he can accept or reject. Only that player can view and accept the offer. Lastly, buying and selling units and infra were added. One other small change is that you can now send a message to multiple recipients and they can all participate in the thread. Just separate names by a semicolon.

Aid, Market, and Anti Matter

By Arke on 11/6/2015 2:47:01 AM in Game Update

First, anti-matter. Now, when making AMWs, you must spend 1 anti-matter to build each. Anti-matter can be bought on the below market or gained during collections. There is a small chance of getting an anti-matter every collection, though that chance goes down with era. Next, a small update. News entries can be filtered and notifications are marked as read whenever you view the message page. Now markets. Aid has been removed from the game and replaced with a global market system. Anyone can make an offer to buy or sell many types of resources. You can make an offer to sell 500 people for 25 build credits for example. Other users can then accept this offer or you can cancel it. You can only accept an offer from a player if you have not already completed an offer with him in the past day. As with aid, the amount you can send or receive in an offer is limited by your transportation infrastructure. Build credits are sent at a 50% rate. So if you list 50 build credits for sale, you will actually be charged 100. Same for buying. Infra and units will be added to the market later.

Alliances and War

By Arke on 11/5/2015 2:25:22 AM in Game Update

Alliances can now disband and merge on the manage page. Notifications are sent to users when appropriate. When an alliance disbands, it is marked as defunct and has no users left, but all history is saved. Obviously, it cannot be joined. When an alliance merges, the old alliance is disbanded and all of its members join the new alliance. Membership histories are updated as well and the old alliance page will show that it merged into another alliance. Alliances now record history as well whenever the leader collects. Anyone can view and download this history on the alliance page just like you can for your own empire. The alliance list also shows percent active now. Deploying units to a war now costs 1 action point. You can view a record of all deployments to the war on the war page. You can view total war losses as well now. Lastly, some pages are now viewable by guests. Mainly alliance, player, war, and battle list and details pages.

Starting Infra and Other Things

By Arke on 11/4/2015 1:56:50 AM in Game Update

I increased starting infrastructure a little bit. I gave all existing players the increased amount to make up for it. If you were at the limit for your era, it'll go over it until you advance with no issue. Alliance leaders now get a notification when a player applies to their alliance. Alliances also now have the option to set a charter under Manage. It'll show up at the bottom of the display page. Rank is now tracked for users. It shows up in history and on the player display page. Lastly, a spoiler tag was added to BBCode.

Today's Updates

By Arke on 11/3/2015 1:52:56 AM in Game Update

Attacks now have a cost in action points that is different for each attack type. Attacks like AMWs take the most points while regular army engagements take the fewest. As before, points accrue at collection (2/3 of a point per multiplier per war now) and they do not stack. Now instead of receiving a new message when you get aid, there is war activity, there is a new news post, or you were accepted into an alliance, you will receive a notification that can be deleted and easily viewed from the message page. Your alliance membership history and any alliance leadership history is also tracked. You can view it on the player and alliance pages respectively. Alliance leaders can also now make announcements that are viewable by all members. You'll receive a notification when one is made. Lastly, aid is now limited. You can only send aid to the same player once every two days, you can only send 10% of your population at once, and the amount of aid you can receive at once is limited by your transportation infrastructure (upgrades increase that amount).

Messages and Strength

By Arke on 11/2/2015 2:32:29 AM in Game Update

The thread view for messages was improved. Sent and received messages are now grouped under the thread on the message list and all messages are viewable at once when viewing a thread.

The strength range was also tweaked. You can no longer declare on someone more than 5x your size or if they have 10 defensive wars already.

Strength and Costs

By Arke on 11/1/2015 1:29:14 AM in Game Update

All strengths were scaled downwards, the order of players remains unchanged. Histories were updated as well. Costs and productions were tweaked as well to smooth out era growth.

Aiding Build Credits

By Arke on 10/26/2015 12:39:27 AM in Game Update

You can now send build credits through aid. Only 66% of what you send actually makes it to the other player though.

Planet Occupation

By Arke on 10/24/2015 9:53:08 PM in Game Update

Occupying planets was just added. When you deploy troops to a planet in one of your wars, you get a portion of that planet's trade and tax income, population growth, and build credits based on how many of your infantry are present compared to everyone else's. You do need titans in orbit to be able to ship your occupation income back home. Each titan can only carry so much though, so bring a few. Keep in mind that you also get a portion of the infrastructure upkeep based again on the portion of the planet you are occupying. Each infantry can only occupy so many infrastructure at once. So even if the only military unit on a planet is a single one of your men, expect very little in income. Scale up your oppression force and that income will rise. Watch out for the owner trying to push you off of his world though. Think twice before bombarding a planet to ashes from orbit, there are a lot of valuable resources down there you are squandering.


By Arke on 10/4/2015 11:38:45 PM in Game Update

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