News - Treaties and War

By Arke on 7/17/2016 10:47:22 PM in Game Update

There's an early cut of the alliance treaties and war feature up. Right now there are three treaty types: alliance, peace, and custom. Custom obviously has no in-game affect. Alliance treaties tell everyone that the two allies are friends. Each alliance will receive a notification if one of its allies is attacked by another alliance. Peace treaties are available to end alliance wars. In the future they will also facilitate reparations. An alliance can now declare war on another alliance. It gives a central place to view all the member wars in the larger alliance war and view total losses. There is no alliance-controlled military in the new war feature, it's still all member based. Creating a treaty, canceling a treaty, responding to a treaty, and declaring war can be voted upon by your members if you allow it. In the case of responding to a treaty through a vote, you must refer the treaty to a vote when it is received. If a member attacks someone whose alliance has a peace or alliance treaty with the member's own alliance, both members will receive a notification. No action is taken by the game though. Several new permissions were added to alliance offices to facilitate all this. As before, you need to manually add them to any office you want to have that permission, including your original leader office.