News - Planets and Map

By Arke on 7/13/2016 11:05:15 PM in Game Update

As you may have seen, the region system has changed slightly. There is now a map that all of your planets are on. You can pan around and see everyone. How far away someone is determines how long it takes for a fleet to deploy there. You can also now capture planets that no one owns if you have a strong enough fleet present and you can abandon your own planets if you want. Nations are now cultures. Alliances can pick a culture regardless of what planets they control on the map. Planets have a preferred culture and you get a happiness bonus or penalty depending on whether or not your alliance culture matches it. Alliances will eventually be able to hold planets in their own right and have an alliance military they can deploy. Having a happiness above 80 will give you a slightly growth boost. A happiness below 10 will give a small chance of rebelling every day. You'll be notified if your planet rebels.