News - Ease of Use Updates

By Arke on 7/12/2016 12:58:00 AM in Game Update

First, if no office in an alliance has the edit office permissions permission or no active members hold an office that does and there is not an active member in an office with the add office holder permission, a new office with the edit office permissions permission is created automatically at the daily update. Even if an alliance does not allow users to vote, they can vote to add a holder to that office to replace inactive leaders. Also for alliances, if you are in an alliance you can now view the permissions an office holds on its display page. The map now has a proper background and a lot more regions and nations to work with. Negative issues now affect happiness half as much as they did before. There is now a lot more data displayed for the new buildings and resources. When buying units, you can see the weight of that unit and the total weight available left for that fleet. When viewing your production, you can view how much ore is taken for producing composites, weapons, and luxuries if you over the ore consumption field. When viewing a fleet, you can see how much it consumes in food every turn, fuel when attacking and deploying, and the total base weight. Those numbers are broken out per unit as well. Same thing for planets: you can view the fuel and employment numbers for each building, the total food consumption, the current growth rate, the production and consumption for that planet, and what makes up the growth rate and happiness rate when you hover over those numbers. Note that all data on the fleet and planet pages are for 1x multiplier, not whatever your current multiplier may be.