News - Alliance Votes

By Arke on 7/11/2016 1:10:21 AM in Game Update

You can now create votes within your alliance for setting the tax rate, join policy, and charter; adding or removing office holders; and a custom vote that doesn't do anything in-game. Votes last for a week and are either yes or no. So for adding an office holder, you'll pick the office and enter the user id of the user you want to be made an office holder. If he gets more than half the votes, he is added. If not, he doesn't get added. You cannot have a multiway holder vote within one vote. By default, members cannot call a vote. Only an office holder with the call vote permission can. As always, when new office permissions are added, you have to manually add them to whichever office you desire. You can allow members to create the above vote types on the alliance and office details pages. You can change your vote at any point until the voting ends. Voting is private so who voted for what is not available publically. Regular members can only create one vote per week. That limit does not apply to office holders with the call vote permission.