News - Today's Updates

By Arke on 11/3/2015 1:52:56 AM in Game Update

Attacks now have a cost in action points that is different for each attack type. Attacks like AMWs take the most points while regular army engagements take the fewest. As before, points accrue at collection (2/3 of a point per multiplier per war now) and they do not stack. Now instead of receiving a new message when you get aid, there is war activity, there is a new news post, or you were accepted into an alliance, you will receive a notification that can be deleted and easily viewed from the message page. Your alliance membership history and any alliance leadership history is also tracked. You can view it on the player and alliance pages respectively. Alliance leaders can also now make announcements that are viewable by all members. You'll receive a notification when one is made. Lastly, aid is now limited. You can only send aid to the same player once every two days, you can only send 10% of your population at once, and the amount of aid you can receive at once is limited by your transportation infrastructure (upgrades increase that amount).