News - Regions

By Arke on 7/10/2016 9:15:05 PM in Game Update

You may have already noticed the link along the left, but regions are live today. Regions are areas on a map that alliances can deploy to and try and capture. Each region has a different bonus (and sometimes a cost as well) that the holding alliance receives in its treasury every day which it can distribute through aid. The more infantry you have, the more of that bonus you receive. If you have no infantry deployed, you get no bonus. If the alliance treasury doesn't have enough of the cost resource, it won't receive the bonuses. The cost resources are scaled based on how much of the bonus you actually produce. Once you deploy troops to a region you can't get them back. Tech is taken into account when you deploy, which is why it's displayed as strength instead of count. The deployed units slowly decay every day as well. They also require food from the alliance treasury. If you don't have enough food, they start to die. If your alliance already holds the region you're deploying to, you'll reinforce it. Otherwise you'll try and capture it. You can wear down the enemy strength in the region until you win. Alliances may hold multiple regions, though the more they hold the easier it is for someone with less regions to capture one of the bigger alliance's. Regions are technically controlled through nations which are predetermined plot entities. When an alliance first captures a region on the map, they are assigned a nation. If the region they have captured is the last region of a nation and also its home region, then the alliance becomes that nation. Otherwise, the alliance is assigned another nation at random. An alliance can change its assigned nation at any time to any nation that currently holds no regions (there will be as many nations as regions on the map). The home region of a nation has increased production when it is controlled by that nation, so it makes sense for alliances to try and capture the home region of the nation they control. While not fully implemented yet due to the lack of NPCs, nations have an NPC alliance initially controlling it. Once an alliance captures the nation from that NPC alliance, the NPC alliance will keep trying to get it back and reestablish control. There is only one region available right now, but more will be added in the coming days. The map is also of a planet, that will change to space in the coming days as well. Lastly, you'll notice faction is now a property of nations and not users. There will be more details on that soon. The rest of the final icons will be coming soon too.