News - New Buildings and Resources Update

By Arke on 7/1/2016 12:02:58 PM in Game Update

I'm in the process of adding the new buildings and resources that were talked about in a previous news post. As of right now, the ones I settled on are:



All of the above nine resources can be bought and sold on the market. At a later date, you will be able to buy and sell whole planets and fleets too. As before, the above resoruces and buildings replace the existing ones. Your existing counts will be converted. More units are coming at a later date.

Eras and upgrades are also being removed in favor of "tech" which is produced by labs. The more tech you have, the more efficient all of your stuff is. More ore production and stronger units for example. Your current era and upgrade count will be converted over to tech.

Happiness will be a property of populations on planets. Unhappy populations produce less, may riot, and make occupations easier. Too many or too few jobs, not enough food or luxuries, not enough infrastructure, too many wars, occupying forces, and more make populations unhappy. Population growth will be around a few percent, but is also a function of happiness.

Similarly, fleets now have morale and experience. Morale goes up when they win, down when they lose and is influenced by the happiness on your planets. Experience is gained from every battle and makes the fleet stronger as it gains more experience.

In general I am trying to get rid of hard caps. For example, your population will grow regardless of how much infrastructure you have. If your population grows too much beyond what your infrastructure count can support, happiness will suffer. They will eventually riot and many may die if not corrected. I am also planning to reduce the scale of buildings. Instead of buying thousands each turn you will only buy tens.