News - Planets and Fleets Round 2

By Arke on 6/27/2016 12:22:19 AM in Game Update

Downloading history is now broken out by planet and fleet. There is a dedicated display page for fleets and planets that shows various details -- including upkeep costs and production for that specific item. When buying units or infra, the max you can buy now takes into account the planet or fleet you are on and the current count is displayed just like before. You can now set the name, description, and flag of fleets and planets (names must be globally unique). Fleets can now be deployed outside of war to your planet or any other planet from the fleet page. Of course, if you deploy to some random planet you're not at war with, it may be seen as an act of war. The owner of the planet is notified of the deployment and can see all deployed fleets on the war list page. You can also deploy a fleet to dark space which makes it safe from attack, though it can't attack anyone either. Deployments are no longer instantaneous either. They now take 12 hours. The deploy target sees the fleet before it arrives. You can change the deploy target before you arrive, though it will reset the 12 hour counter. You do not need titans to deploy fleets to your own planets, but you do if you want to deploy to dark space or someone else's planet. When you recall a fleet from war, it goes to dark space. Military infrastructure now determines the maximum size a fleet may be. The one fleet per planet per user restriction still exists, though it will be lifted soon. While you can deploy to your allies' worlds, you cannot help defend yet. Both of these restrictions need a lot of rework in war. They're high on my priority list.