News - Planets and Fleets

By Arke on 6/26/2016 4:22:31 AM in Game Update

I've added the basics of multiple planets and fleets. All of your current infrastructure and units have been moved to a new planet and fleet respectively. Population is local to a planet while resources are usable by all of your planets instantly. The same caps to infra and population apply, though now they are per-planet. You can create new planets and fleets from the infra and units pages. You get one planet and two fleets per era. When you buy units and infra, you specify which planet you want them to go to. Units can only be bought for fleets that are deployed to one of your planets. War has changed to deploy fleets to a player's planet instead of units. A fleet can only deploy once every six hours. The size of the fleet that you can deploy is limited by your military infrastructure count. Currently only one fleet per player can be deployed to a planet at a time, but that restriction will be lifted shortly. Capturing of planets and a revamped occupation mechanic will be added soon. Deployment is currently instant like before but it will take time soon. The UI is still very rough and there are a lot of improvements to come in that area. Separate fleet and planet pages, easier buying of units and infra, dedicated view pages, descriptions, deployment and recall outside of war, breakdown of income and expenses by planet and fleet, and so on. Buying and selling units and infra on the market was removed. Planets and fleets will be tradable there soon. There will be more resources added in the future with the coming discussed building changes. Other changes coming soon: Happiness and experience will be added to planets and fleets. History will be recorded for each separately. Allies will be able to deploy to your planets and help you defend. Upgrades and era are still global, though they may change to per-planet. Planets may need some sort of intel to discover and attack.