News - Big Game Changes

By Arke on 4/18/2016 1:45:26 PM in Game Update

I'm starting work on a pretty big overhaul of infrastructure, it's outlined below. Let me know on the forums, IRC, or PM what you think about it. Nothing is set in stone yet, so things can be added or removed from the below. The five infrastructure types are being replaced with the below. Your existing infrastructure will be converted into equivalent levels of the new types.

The existing money and build credit resources are being replace as well. As with buildings, your existing stockpiles will be converted.

The big difference in resources is that build capacity/credits are gone. If you have enough of the building materials or weapons for the infrastructure or unit, you can buy it. Resources are also tiered: weapons and building materials are only produced by factories that consume ore (ignoring the market). Factories can produce luxury goods from ore, but in limited quantities. You will likely have to go to the market for them. If you don't have enough ore to support all of your factories, their production will be decreased. You will control how many of your factories produce building materials, weapons, and luxury goods.

Your population now consumes food every turn. If you don't have enough, they will start to die and get unhappy. Unhappy populations may eventually riot or leave your empire. As before, population is taken when you create military units. Now they are also used in your buildings as employees. If you don't have enough population to meet your buildings' demand, some of them will be idle.

As expected, this affects the market too. You'll no longer be able to buy or sell units and infra on the market. Instead, it'll only accept offers using the six above discussed resources plus population. Eventually alliances will be able to maintain stockpiles of these resources.

These are some pretty big changes, but I think they will make the game more fun and interesting. They also fit well with the future planned features of multiple planets and armies per player (which will be tradable on the market).