News - Alliance Offices

By Arke on 4/17/2016 2:02:47 AM in Game Update

I added offices to alliances. You can customize the name, description, and flag of the office. Same rules on alliance flag, description, and name apply to offices as well. Each office can be held by multiple alliance members and can have any number of permissions (including none). Right now permissions are limited to announcements, member management, office management, and editing alliance details. More permissions will be added with time as more features are added (like alliance treasuries and improvements). Alliance holders can resign at any time. They can also hold multiple offices with potentially different permissions. Their effective permissions will be the union of all of their offices. Managing and viewing alliances has been reorganized some too. There are now separate pages for kicking and accepting members. The leader is no longer shown by default on the alliance list since any number of users can hold the equivalent of a leadership office. Notifications will be sent on membership application and being added or removed from an office on top of the existing notifications. When an alliance is created, the founder is put in a "Leader" office that has all permissions. Be aware that there is no restriction on resigning your office or leaving the alliance. It is possible for an alliance to have no one occupying any of its offices or for its offices to remove their ability to set permissions or create other offices. At a later date I will be adding the ability for members to take control of the alliance if all offices are empty or lack effective permissions along with a voting system for various things like office membership.