News - Still More Market

By Arke on 3/23/2016 12:20:09 PM in Game Update

There have been a few more changes to the market. The fields have more descriptive text and a friendly message is displayed as you enter your offer creation or acceptance that give you more details about the exact numbers. The numbers in the tables and on the accept page are now automatically scaled to your level of advanced, so you no longer need to convert anything. The numbers you see anywhere are exactly what you get. You can also find out some advanced details about the market on the data page (linked on the main market page). Min, Average, and Max prices of each resource in terms of each other resource over the past day are shown if available. The volume of resources trade over the past day are also available. These will eventually be available for export for historical tracking. There is also now a separate Create Buy Offer page. It creates the exact same offer as the regular page, it just asks for the data differently so it is easier to reason about when you're trying to buy something (like if you want to buy Industry in exchange for Money). Lastly, just a reminder to make sure your email address is correct. Email verification will be required shortly.