News - Quick Market Note

By Arke on 3/21/2016 1:32:26 AM in Game Update

You'll probably discover eventually that the market will say something like "You will buy 2 Money for a total of 0.005 Industry." Obviously you can't have 0.005 industry. In the old system, that number would be truncated to 0. If we did that with the new partial offer system, users could continually accept the offer for 2 Money and get the 2 Money but not lose any infrastructure. To fix this, the game will save any partial infrastructure, unit, population, or anti-matter purchase or sale. As soon as the saved amount exceeds at least one whole item, you'll get that item. In the case of sales, you will lose the item immediately, but get a pending balance for the difference. For example, assuming no upgrades, in the above scenario: The buyer will, immediately, receive 2 Money, lose 1 Industry, and have a pending Industry balance of 0.995. The seller will, immediately, lose 2 Money and have a pending Industry balance of 0.005. As soon as the buyer gets another 0.005 Industry from some other sale, he will then get another whole Industry.