News - Market Changes

By Arke on 3/20/2016 10:54:49 PM in Game Update

I just updated a lot on how the market functions. All existing offers were cancelled and all old offer data is backed up, but will likely not be copied over due to the scale of changes. As for what's new: when creating an offer, you now specify what resource you want to sell, the amount of that resource you want to sell, and the cost of one of those resources. As before, the resources must be different and you can propose offers to a specific user or keep it exclusive to your alliance. By default, all offers allow partial acceptance. When partial acceptance is allowed, users can specify how much they want to buy up to your specified total offered. If you do not specify a total offered, the offer goes on forever. As long as you have the resources available that the user wants to buy, the deal goes through. Additionally, the deal will not be cancelled when a user accepts it. It remains open for other users to accept forever. This can be used to create a "store" without you having to recreate the offer every time. You do not have to have the resources on hand when you create the offer nor do you have to have space available for them (infra caps), though these conditions must be met when someone tries to accept the offer. You may also set the price to be zero. This means you're giving away the offered resource. If you don't specify a total offered, users can take as much of that resource as you have available for free until you cancel the offer. This is useful for alliances who want to offer aid to their members. The efficiency mechanism was also removed and the maximum amount of resources you can transfer is changed. Transportation now works such that you can transfer X resources per day. More trans infra means more resources transferred per day. This works by summing the resources traded in the past 24 hours. Each resource has a different weight so some cost more to transfer than others. This limit only applies to the buyer though. The seller can sell as much as he wants to anyone with no limit (imagine this like the buyer coming to pick stuff up). A key thing to keep in mind is that the buyer pays the resource weight cost for the price he pays and the resources he receives. So if he buys 2 infantry for $1 each with infantry having a weight of 20 and money a weight of 1, that'll require transportation capacity of 2 * (20 + 1) = 42. This limit is global so you are now allowed to trade with the same person as often as you want as long as you stay below the limit for the past 24 hours. Lastly, prices on the list page are still displayed with all upgrades and bonuses removed. So if your infantry efficiency is 200% and you offer 2 infantry, 4 infantry will show up on the list page. The acceptance page will adjust the numbers for the user accepting the offer, though.