News - Improved Tables

By Arke on 3/18/2016 1:22:22 AM in Game Update

I added quite a bit to tables today. Many more columns are properly sortable now. When sorting or paging a table, you will be automatically scrolled down to the table when the page loads. Sorting a table will also now only sort that table instead of every table on the page. There is also now a global filter option for every table. Every column that can be sorted can be filtered. There are several pre-defined operations such as greater than or contains. Not every operation works for every column, for example, greater than will not work on columns like Character Name and contains will not work on Era. You can find the filter option at the top of every table, just click Show Filter. The first box is the column to filter on. The next is the operation. Last, is the value to filter based on. It wasn't added today, but I will also be adding "then by" sorting so you can sort by Alliance and then Era or Era and then Strength, for example. I'll also be looking into allowing you to sort and filter tables on pages with multiple tables without losing the sorting and filtering you may have applied to other tables on the page.