News - Planet Occupation

By Arke on 10/24/2015 9:53:08 PM in Game Update

Occupying planets was just added. When you deploy troops to a planet in one of your wars, you get a portion of that planet's trade and tax income, population growth, and build credits based on how many of your infantry are present compared to everyone else's. You do need titans in orbit to be able to ship your occupation income back home. Each titan can only carry so much though, so bring a few. Keep in mind that you also get a portion of the infrastructure upkeep based again on the portion of the planet you are occupying. Each infantry can only occupy so many infrastructure at once. So even if the only military unit on a planet is a single one of your men, expect very little in income. Scale up your oppression force and that income will rise. Watch out for the owner trying to push you off of his world though. Think twice before bombarding a planet to ashes from orbit, there are a lot of valuable resources down there you are squandering.