News - Aid, Market, and Anti Matter

By Arke on 11/6/2015 2:47:01 AM in Game Update

First, anti-matter. Now, when making AMWs, you must spend 1 anti-matter to build each. Anti-matter can be bought on the below market or gained during collections. There is a small chance of getting an anti-matter every collection, though that chance goes down with era. Next, a small update. News entries can be filtered and notifications are marked as read whenever you view the message page. Now markets. Aid has been removed from the game and replaced with a global market system. Anyone can make an offer to buy or sell many types of resources. You can make an offer to sell 500 people for 25 build credits for example. Other users can then accept this offer or you can cancel it. You can only accept an offer from a player if you have not already completed an offer with him in the past day. As with aid, the amount you can send or receive in an offer is limited by your transportation infrastructure. Build credits are sent at a 50% rate. So if you list 50 build credits for sale, you will actually be charged 100. Same for buying. Infra and units will be added to the market later.