News - Alliances and War

By Arke on 11/5/2015 2:25:22 AM in Game Update

Alliances can now disband and merge on the manage page. Notifications are sent to users when appropriate. When an alliance disbands, it is marked as defunct and has no users left, but all history is saved. Obviously, it cannot be joined. When an alliance merges, the old alliance is disbanded and all of its members join the new alliance. Membership histories are updated as well and the old alliance page will show that it merged into another alliance. Alliances now record history as well whenever the leader collects. Anyone can view and download this history on the alliance page just like you can for your own empire. The alliance list also shows percent active now. Deploying units to a war now costs 1 action point. You can view a record of all deployments to the war on the war page. You can view total war losses as well now. Lastly, some pages are now viewable by guests. Mainly alliance, player, war, and battle list and details pages.