Welcome, colonial administrator. The Fall is a free to play browser strategy game where you lead one planet among many. Build up your industrial and military might and wage war to demolish other players or plunder their treasuries. Form player alliances to even the odds and dive deep into political intrigue. Unlock the fearsome power of antimatter to threaten entire planets with devastating barrage. Remember only that as you reach these heights of power, your foes have the same set of tools...

The destruction of the homeworld is shrouded in myth, but the clearest memory of the survivors is the emergence of the Patron. He guided the human Diaspora into an expansive and prosperous Edictus, and then he vanished. The bureaucrats left holding the reigns were astonished, and as unrest mounted they held an independence vote as a test of loyalty. It backfired spectacularly. Entire leagues of worlds left the crumbling Edictus to join the ranks of the new powers, the fiercely independent Kantus and the reactionary, ex-military Arthran. Now among the three superpowers uncertainty reigns. Take your place as a colonial leader in these dark times. Will you unite the known galaxy or plunge it farther into war?