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In the last century we have seen the rise of the wise Belvor Aureus and his Arthran Reclamation, but the roots of our citizen-soldiery are far deeper and far older. In the earliest days of human unity, the Patron's safeguard for the Diaspora relied wholly upon the fervent allegiance of his warriors. Men and women took up the mantle of protecting human unity, and against countless revolutionaries and warlords paid for unification in full. Those ancient titans were bathed in blood, for the Fleets found themselves called to push back insurrection and topple dictators at every turn. When the survivors of the Contracts Primus were released from their years-subjective enlistment, they found that centuries of objective time had passed as they leapt between stars. A unification that seemed to them to take months had spanned decades, and short weeks of local pacification were in fact years. The Patron had exploited relativity to keep his Grand Fleets sharply honed. So the Primus retired with secure confidence in the Patron’s wisdom. The Contracts Secundus, raised on their elders’ tales of great struggle and grand unification, accepted their generation’s mantle with pride. These were not, however, fated to be valorous times. Coreward worlds had long possessed a bad habit of philosophizing and altering their bodies and minds to the point of regular rebellion, but a new form of gene manipulation exploded across the known galaxy from the world of Kantus. The rising tide of genome-altered traitors swept away many loyal humans in their thrall. The Secundus mourned as the genos used them as human waves and human shields, and were forced to kill them to deliver justice to their geno masters. Our Patron showed the Kantus genos mercy where they deserved none, refusing the planetary immolation our commanders requested and meeting with captured Kantus and their tainted human allies. In time, the greatest minds of pure humanity realized the duality of the Patron and his soldiering host. He possessed great compassion, but lacked the will needed to excise the cancerous portions of the species. We would readily admit our lack of compassion, but steeled ourselves with the will to do what was necessary for the survival of humanity. So it came to pass that Belvor Aureus, supported by the wisest administrators of the Edictus and the leading men and women of the Grand Fleets, assembled the instrument of that will under the rays of the star Arthran. The system was well known in its day as the foulest den of genos, virtual reality addicts, insurrectionists, seditious philosophizers, and other tempters of pure humanity. Blessed Belvor was determined to reverse the reputation of the name Arthran as proof of his ability. Given your induction into the Arthran Reclamation, you can deduce his success. Belvor and the fearless men and women of the Reclamation won many worlds back from the vile claw of the Kantus, but the Patron would find no joy in the victories. He vanished without a trace, and in so doing caused the Edictus to collapse under our feet. The transitional government did nothing to find the Patron, and in utter foolishness led a galactic vote to see which worlds would secede and which would remain loyal. The vast majority ejected themselves from the sinking empire, and as the Edictus turned their backs on the Patron we turned our backs on it. You, loyal of the Arthran Reclamation, may count yourselves as the Contracts Tertius. You have lain on you the greatest burden ever seen by the fighting men of the galaxy. You have signed no term with the Grand Fleets, but you have cast yourselves into the eddies of subjective time in the Patron's service nonetheless. Others had to learn to tame the harsh mistress of subjective time and quell rebellion. Your task is single, but nonetheless unenviable. Your duty is to stem the endless tide of insurrection and corruption until our Patron deigns to return, no matter how long that may be. -Joint Commander Sito, Contracts Tertius: A History of the Reclamation


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