Codex - A Tutorial

Created on 11/6/2015 9:58:53 PM in Guide

Welcome to The Fall. In this game you can compete against or cooperate with other players in a free-for-all science fiction universe. You can always find help on our forums at or in #thefall on Coldfront IRC.


You can collect resources several times a day from EMPIRE > FINANCES once the Collection Multiplier reaches 1.0. Your empire runs on three main resources: Collections will keep piling up for a week, at which point it will stop. Collect frequently to get the most resources, but spend your Build Credits first as most of them will not roll over. At most, 50% will roll over. The percentage decreases as collection multiplier increases.

Infrastructure and Era

Continue buying infrastructure from EMPIRE > INFRASTRUCTURE to increase your planet's capabilities. You can also buy improvements to the effectiveness and price of infrastructure. There are five types of infrastructure: You should buy mostly Transportation and some Industry infrastructure with your starting money. Transportation will give you a solid income from trade until you have enough citizens to collect sufficient taxes and industry will allow you to build more infrastructure in subsequent turns. You can only purchase so many upgrades in your current Era. Purchase an Era upgrade from EMPIRE > ERA to unlock new upgrades. New Eras require a certain level of upgrades and infrastructure to be bought.

War and Politics

Recruit troops from EMPIRE > UNITS to invade other worlds for fun and profit. There are five kinds of military units: Declare war on a player from their player screen under THE FALL > PLAYERS, then manage the war at EMPIRE > WAR. Troops can be deployed to each active war; undeployed troops will automatically fight defensive wars. Titans are required to invade other players. Different types of attacks can be launched in each war. Profit from your invasions! The more occupation forces you have on an enemy world, the more you will drain from it in your Collections. The reverse is true, so kill off any invaders quickly before they drain your treasury! Alliances are groups of players that band together for common defense and political identity. Find one you like under THE FALL > ALLIANCES, or create one yourself. You can send Currency or Population to your allies by way of the Market screen under THE FALL > MARKET.